Why a blacklist about trading software, cryptocurrency, binary options and forex?

Registering with a binary options broker operating illegally in your country is taking the risk of never seeing the money invested again, let alone the earnings. So why take the risk? It is important to know that in order to offer investment services in yours countries a broker must have what is called a “licence” from one of the member countries. Without this “licence” they do not have the legal right to solicit you by phone or accept your registration on their platform and much less to accept a deposit from you. However, many brokers operate illegally for the sole purpose of scamming you. We have been the victims of these scammers and that is why we have created this website, to give you the best information possible.

What is a “licence”?

Each country has a financial market authority. This authority is responsible for ensuring that the stock exchange and its financial players are properly controlled. For a company to be permitted to offer its services must, therefore, request authorisation from the relevant authority.

The company is then subject to an investigation and has to comply with many rules, especially those that protect the investor, i.e. you. Such regulation is, therefore, the guarantee not only that your broker will give you back your money and your earnings without a problem, but also that their online platform is not a fake. Once authorised, the broker then receives a registration number.

Choosing an unauthorised broker is taking the risk of never seeing your money again and losing everything before even trying. Also be aware that, in the event of fraud, you will have no recourse because these illegal brokers work from tax havens. Therefore be very wary.

How to recognise a dishonest broker ?

Unfortunately, many unregulated brokers are trying to convince investors to register on their platforms. Here’s how to recognise them:

  1. Your broker is not regulated. A regulatory licence is required to practice. It is therefore important to always check before committing yourself.
  2. You were solicited by telephone. These brokers’ main technique is to solicit by phone. If a broker you’ve never heard of phones you and tries to persuade you to invest on their platform, it is best not to follow it up. It is probably a scam.
  3. Your broker offers you a managed account. The second most common technique is the managed account. This is a trading account on which you deposit money and the brokers’ trader deals for you to make a profit. This is often a scam. The trick is to make you believe in regular earnings to induce you to deposit more. The day that you request a withdrawal of your earnings, they disappear with your money.
  4. Your broker offers you a free trial of their platform using their own money. Here is the third scam technique. The broker usually offers to give you 200 or 500 euros in order to test the platform. The platform is then rigged so that you make a lot of money. Once you want to withdraw the money you are then asked to make a deposit, often very substantial, to release the money. Of course once the deposit is made you won’t hear from them again.

If your broker falls into one of these categories you can be 99% certain that it is a scam and that you will never see your money again or the earnings you have made. Your broker, however, will have won all round because he will take risks with your money and, if he succeeds, he will keep the earnings as well as your investment.

We have listed all scam websites for your securtie.